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Graduation Requirements

Class of 2023-2024

Students must have 220 semester credits to receive a diploma from Central High School.

Subject Matter Requirements:

English                       40 credits

            English 1         10 credits

            English 2         10 credits

            English 3         10 credits

            English 4         10 credits


Mathematics              30 credits

    Integrated Math I     10 credits

    Other Math              20 credits

Completion of all Integrated Math I standards, verified by the Junior High School staff, reduces the high school mathematics requirement to 20 credits. [BP 6146.1(a)]


Social Studies             30 credits

             World History/Geography (grade 10)                      10 credits

              United States History (grade 11)                           10 credits

            American Government/Economics (grade 12)           10 credits


Physical Education   20 credits

            PE 9              10 credits

     Advanced PE         10 credits

Enrollment required in grade 9 in PE 9 with Advanced PE taken any time between grades 10 and 12. Athletic Waiver for Advanced PE only. 10 additional elective credits must be taken if an athletic waiver is issued.


Science                        20 credits

     Physical Science         10 credits

    Life Science                10 credits

Biology fulfills the life science requirements. Intro to Physical Science, Chemistry, Chemistry 2 or Physics fulfills the physical science requirement.


Fine Arts                    10 credits (May be a year of foreign language)


Health                         5 credits (Embedded in PE 9 during semester 2)


Technical Literacy    10 credits


Electives               55 credits (Maximum clerical services credits = 20)

TOTAL CREDITS   220 credits